How to Convert Window Shoppers Into Committed Buyers in Real Estate



Online retail stores allow window shopping such as Jumia and Konga. These sites enable customers to shop for clothes, appliances, electronic gadgets online.

However, people have formed the habit of going to the market and visiting most of these sites without having the intention of buying anything. Certain individuals even take pleasure in pricing down the items. Most often, they come up with an excuse as to why they cannot buy the item.

The case is not different in real estate as individuals who go around house hunting end up not buying the houses they viewed for one reason or another.

Nevertheless, there are ways to ensure that these window shopping individuals end up becoming the committed buyers you want them to be.


Offer Solutions: To convert window shoppers into committed purchasers, learn more about their preferences and analyse them so that you can offer solutions. This creates a sense of competence and trust. The more problems you can solve, the more offers you’ll be able to complete.

Creating Scarcity: create an impression that the property is in high demand. Interested windows shoppers could cease the opportunity to grasp the property while the property is still in the market.

Educate and Empower: potential buyers should be educated about the worths and benefits of real estate or the actual property. You can as well empower your buyers by educating them with resources that will aid their ability to acquire real estate.

Be inquisitive: asking a lot of important questions is a very good way to understand your clients. These questions will enable you to follow up on how your clients are being motivated to patronize you.

Be honest and transparent: honesty and transparency are one of the ways to earn the trust of your clients. Advertising your properties with your clients in unedited content rather than using filters and photoshopped pictures. Posting fake pictures online would not gain the trust of your clients.

Highlighting the benefits of buying: Turning potential clients into prepared, keen, and able clients sometimes revolve around two components: cash and lifestyle. In case a client can afford a house, it is important to first present how buying a property is a greater financial determination to renting a house.

Place a worth: placing a value, empathizing, and anticipating problems are very important factors. You should learn to analyze things from your clients’ point of view to know what they want and what they don’t want.

Finally, if you want to sell a property to a new client, the apartment must be neat and void of dirtiness. There’s nothing worse than walking into a property only to find piles of furniture clogging up the place. Ensuring the place is clean before bringing in your potential buyer is an excellent way to arouse their interest.

Also, ensure all major and minor defects in the house are treated effectively as these can serve as a roadblock stopping your clients from purchasing the house. You can also make sure the apartment is air freshened and scent nice with flowers at a designated area of the apartment if the apartment is already furnished. Some clients are attracted to flowers, and this can be a huge draw for them.

Remove any unwanted plants from the environment. You can get rid of the weeds in the garden and plant fresh flowers or trees. It’s nice to walk into an apartment or a setting that feels warm and inviting.

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