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Is Lagos Ready For Fortune 500 Companies?

Nestoil Towers



Lagos has earned itself a position among the top destination for Fortune 500 companies seeking expansion in the Middle East and African (MEA) territories. Overall, there was a 17% increase in the number of companies in MEA in 2016 compared to 2015, with Johannesburg and Lagos being the leading destinations for Africa and West Africa respectively. This means Fortune 500 companies are actively seeking new markets to expand into.


A new report released by Infomineo, a global business research company specialising in Africa and the Middle East, indicates that the region has become increasingly important for the majority of global Fortune 500 countries. Typically Fortune 500 companies lease or buy Grade A office spaces.

Nestoil Towers


The key features of Grade A office spaces include the following:

1. A landmark status or central business location

2. Good accessibility and adequate car parking

3. A modern BMS(Building Management System)to control access and security, fire, life safety and other building services

4. Provision of multiple power sources to ensure a constant power supply in the event of a local power grid failure

5. Provision of a raised floor with a minimum clear service zone of 90mm

6. Environmental Standards (AD) to achieve one of LEED Gold Standard BREEAM(Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) Standard, with a Very Good point mark.

7. The quality of build and minimum structural loading floor capacities for each office floor level with an area allocated for high loading levels on each floor.

Nest oil | Fine and Country


The future prospects for Grade A spaces appear bright, and a number of office buildings including the international award-winning Nestoil Tower, standing tall in this regard. This Grade A building is a one-of-a-kind mixed-use development, strategically located at the intersection of two major business roads – Akin Adesola Street and Saka Tinubu Street- in Victoria Island Lagos, with a panoramic view of the Eko Atlantic City and the Atlantic Ocean. The development is targeted at dynamic businesses, multi-national industries, financial institutions that require top brand positioning and desire to be at the very heart of their target market. Sitting on a land size of 3900sqm on 15 floors, the Nestoil Tower is an iconic structure with 9904 leasable commercial spaces and 23 residential apartments to provide a flexible accommodation to occupiers.

With the likes of Nest Oil Towers, Heritage Offices, The Wings, Nipost Tower, Temple Towers and a handful of both grade A and B offices coming into the market, we can say that Lagos is getting ready for the influx of Fortune 500 companies notwithstanding the current challenging times in the office market.

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The Intelligent Investor: Getting Detailed and Organized


Real estate Investing in Nigeria | Fine & Country 

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned”
-Benjamin Franklin

As an investor, it is pertinent to know,  that you are probably not the only bargain seeker out there looking for great investment opportunities in a slow real estate market. You may have an edge on the sellers as cash is now king, but another buyer could snap up your great deal if you delay the buying process.

It is, therefore, important that once you’ve decided to look for great deals, you should get your down payment ready to move once a transaction is agreed. In the case of financing with a mortgage facility, you will need to have got pre-approved for the loan to prevent undue delays.

Real Estate transactions are better handled when you get a well-informed advisor on your side.  These professionals provide valuable information and let a buyer investor know early on in the process what to look out for and what they can use to their advantage. Researching your advisors is a critical element especially in developing economies like Nigeria. It’s best to get a referral rather than to rely on the internet wherever possible as integrity is still a big issue in our market.

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At the baseline of Sustainability lies the Instinct to Survive; this was the lead conversation at the recently organized CEO’s roundtable discuss on Sustainability. Adversity triggers innovation and this was also a position taken by all the CEOs present. It was also gathered at the event that the greatest threat of all is Poverty of the mind. ”Nigeria alongside her businesses are desperately in need of Transformational Leadership because of the present situation we are in economically” this was the central focus of the keynote presented by Tonye Cole, Co-Founder Sahara Group.


He went on to illustrate that businesses that would succeed in this era are businesses that are have developed winning survival strategies and with a penchant for dynamism and Innovation.

These forward-looking businesses have certain characteristic traits in common and they are:

  • Ability to foresee the future by reading the signs we see today
  • Being consistently and deliberately relevant in your line of business
  • Advocacy, adding value and Engaging with relevant stakeholders
  • Knowing when to change strategy/tactics
  • Opening up new frontiers and Markets
  • Build Lasting Relationships – One key pillar to sustainability is lasting relationships, Relationships outlive Governments
  • Grow your business while others are afraid
  • Collaborate

During the plenary session on Investing in Talents for Sustainable and Competitive Advantage, Udo Okonjo, CEO Fine & Country WA gave an insight into how leaders of 21st-century businesses can leverage on a healthy, happy and properly engaged employee. She also said that CEO’s need to constantly think about going back into the Nigerian society and help build the fallen structures.


Speaking from her experience as a 21st-century business leader, she maintained that the companies that have a strong sense of purpose will retain people with a strong sense of purpose and the people with strong personal vision, tend to last longer in the company.

Mrs. Okonjo rounded off her session by touching point on the importance of creativity and its impact on the collective growth for both the employee and the employer. She said that ”Creativity is very important when you give employees an opportunity to contribute to the vision of the company so as to grow it; and the kind of people who will thrive in that environment are people who are Dynamic, Innovative and Creative”.


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The Intelligent Investor

The intelligent investor | Fine and Country

                                                    “If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on it, I would use the first 55 minutes determining the proper questions to ask”
                                                                                                                                                             – Albert Einstein
                                                                                                                                   ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTION 
Real Estate Buyers (Investors) more often than not have the lead in a recessive and challenging market but this doesn’t mean they should walk into a transaction inadvertently.

Prospective buyers are expected to search the internet for listings, inquire with a renowned property manager or agent and also check the daily property newsprints to gain insight on a particular location, property type and average asking prices. and Refined Magazine are good sources and many others. As a buyer, one of the objectives when asking questions before investing in Real Estate is to get to know the price range for the location you want to invest; in order to ascertain what is excessive and what is considered low. This investigation will help you make a reasonable bid and also provide the first perception that there is bargaining room on a particular property.
Other questions to ask should border on title, developer history, documentation fees, year of construction, facility management, service charges, transfer of ownership etc.

Subsequently, we will be discussing other important steps to take when considering an investment in Real Estate. These steps will centre on the following touchpoints:

  • Getting detailed and organized
  • Buy from Motivated sellers
  • The Art of negotiating Well & Throughout the Transaction Phase
  • Titling: Getting it right




The Confidence Factor vs Diaspora market Investment

Confidence in the economy and its markets is a critical driver of economic, financial fluctuations and of the entire business sectors. When confidence increases, investors and consumers want to spend more on goods, durables and invest at prevailing prices. When confidence decreases, consumer spendings and investment risk-taking show a declining trend.

Attracting foreign Investments (especially from Nigerians in the Diaspora) is very key if the FG Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP) which unveils a roadmap for Nigeria’s economic recovery, growth, and sustainable development, is truly going to result in positive outcomes; and this begins when the confidence level and news about the future is good.

Recently, Dr. Okechukwu Enelemah, The Minister of Industry, Trade & Investment and Prof. Pat Utomi made a key reference to the Confidence Factor and how a positive Confidence Factor Index will create an enabling business environment and positively impact the of ease and transparency on attracting investment into the country.

Furthermore, the 800% over subscription of the Euro bond and the recently announced changes in Nigeria’s Immigration policy, Real Estate Developers can draw up 3 key insights:

1. Attractive Returns: High-Value Pricing attracts all investors in a down market. The Eurobond was arguably oversubscribed due to its aggressive pricing. Where there’s low investor confidence, the reward has to be made more attractive.
2. Ease of Doing Business: Lowering the acquisition/investment barrier through Flexible Pricing and lower deposits to attract commitment and quicker decisions.
3. Transaction Integrity and the Confidence Factor: Real estate being high-cost transaction benefits from ensuring transaction integrity. Historical Track record and Excellent Documentation processing, answer questions upfront and clearly without hidden costs and ambiguity.

Investing in Nigeria /Fine and Country West Africa

The Confidence Factor is a big issue in both attracting investors to the Nigerian economy and also attracting real estate buyers especially those not resident in Nigeria to the market. Raising Nigeria’s Confidence Factor Index is an important leading indicator for investors given its ability to predict the gross domestic product (“GDP”) growth performance of an economy and also the effectiveness of the monetary policy in combatting low unemployment and inflation.

Going foward, we expect that the real estate sector will outperform other investment classes as the Confidence Level of foreign investors increase especially the Nigerians in the Diaspora. According to a report by Global Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Development, remittances into Nigeria totaled $20.8 billion in 2015 and grew by 40.57% to $35 billion in December 2016.

This is a leading Indicator that fosters the possibility of a broad economic turnaround, including resumed growth in real estate contribution to GDP as a result of increase patronage from diaspora first-time residential real estate buyers. Other sectors of the real estate value chain especially the Retail and Premium Real Estate space, will experience a positive impact on the revenues and transactions closed over time are highly correlated with the economic performance and consumer spending patterns.


Top Properties for Sale in Lagos

We’ve Shortlisted the top properties in Lagos that are perfect for investors and first-time buyers. In no particular order:

Oakwood Resdences Ikoyi
Oakwood Residences, Ikoyi


The newly constructed Oakwood Residences is located on Cooper road in Ikoyi, Lagos and provides contemporary 4 Bedroom apartments and 5 bedroom penthouses with excellent build quality and finish. These homes will come with facilities such as Fitness Centre, Swimming pool, service apartment, study,  Spa and Standby generating set for uninterrupted power supply.Read more

Oakwood Residences
Oakwood Residences


Eden Heights
Eden Heights


Located in the heart of Victoria Island, Lagos with close proximity to leading schools, financial hubs, Eden Heights is an off-plan property which has on offer beautifully designed, modern 1, 2, 3, 4 bedroom apartments and 5 bedroom penthouses. Each apartment comprises well-appointed en-suite bedrooms, floor to ceiling windows, modern fitted kitchens, spectacular views and access to the Swimming Pool, Spa, and Gym. Eden Heights is expected to be completed by Q4, 2016. Flexible payment options are available. Read more

Eden Heights
Eden Heights



Abandoned Government Monument; What is the way forward?


Old Federal Secretariat Complex
Old Federal Secretariat Complex Ikoyi

The old federal secretariat, Ikoyi was before its abandonment a powerhouse for deliberation and implementation of issues that concerned the development of the country. It was an administrative complex built by the Yakubu Gowon led administration to cater for the administrative need of the country. At the point when the capital was moved to Abuja, it was left to rot. Presently it houses rodents, reptiles, and hoodlums who take advantage of the derelict and overgrown compound to propagate unlawful activities.

Abandoned building and transforamtions
The table above describes the abandoned buildings around the world and how it has been transformed.


St Pancras Renaissance Hotel
St Pancras Renaissance Hotel
Liverpool's grade ll listed gladstone conversatory
Liverpool’s grade ll listed gladstone conversatory


It would be an advantage to Nigerians if the custodians of the old federal secretariat look inwards and proffer creative ways the buildings can be transformed either for commercial or residential purposes.
It can be used for mixed use developments or work live and play. It can also be used as a co-work space, multi-studio apartments. Alternatively, it can be used as Retail spaces in order to reduce the 2.7 million space deficit across the nation.

The big question is… Would you buy a serviced apartment in here? Lease an office within it? Rent short let boutique residences or hotel? These and many more questions need further deliberations.

Recently we started conversations around Pockets of Opportunities; we know there enormous opportunities that can be explored from the transformation of abandoned monumental properties.



Pockets of Opporunities by Udo Okonjo
A Cross section of guest at the Economic and Real Estate Outlook 2017.

Udo Okonjo, CEO Fine and Country WA, recently described the real estate sector as a mirror of the economy which directly reflects the economic status of the nation, however she noted there are pockets of opportunities for those who are willing to be creative and deal with real owner-occupier and investors demand rather than opportunistic oil leaks/corruption fuelled market . Below are some of the excerpts from her review titled: Pockets of Opportunities at the just concluded Real Estate Leaders Breakfast meeting held at the Radisson Hotel where she sought to provide some guidance to investors and stakeholders.


LOCATION.Real estate as we know it is changing. The concept of location needs a re-look. Prime locations such as Ikoyi, Banana Island, Victoria Island, and environs will remain attractive, however, we need a redefinition of the old real estate maxim. Location. Location. Location should be looked at in a developing economy in light of emerging locations especially new cities/locations which offer good infrastructure, or locations that have become more accessible as connectivity increases and redefines the value of certain locations.

It is important to note that there are still pockets of opportunities within prime locations at the very high end for investors who are interested and financially capable of building “legacy  or trophy projects.” However, for the rest of the market, residential now needs to be ‘’re-designed to fit the present day reality’’. One of the trends is certainly towards apartment style versus large villa style housing. Market intelligence is increasingly pointing towards good value and convenience, which does not mean the same thing as low quality housing. Oakwood Residences on Cooper Road typifies this model of market intelligence- contemporary good value and good quality apartments in the prime Ikoyi suburb, which were offered at below N150M at launch, now 90% subscribed and nearing completion.

Oakwood Resdences Ikoyi
Oakwood Residences, Ikoyi

MILLENNIAL HOUSING.  An important trend, which needs to be explored further as  Millennials begin to come into the housing market, with more functional requirements in terms of unit sizes and facilities. This market is important for residential developers with opportunities to target first-time homeowners, buy to let investors and parents of the “boomerang generation”  -those caught between staying at home out of financial convenience and fending for themselves. Their lifestyles are different and needs to be studied to adapt the right properties.

DIASPORA Investors. Diaspora investors are a huge source of foreign direct investments which can no longer be ignored. This is a market segment with unique requirements and for whom the real gap is a confidence crisis. Any attempt to tap into this market will require this confidence gap to be filled with both on a country economic and market level. The source of the properties, the standards and the process of engaging those in diaspora are critical factors.


LIFESTYLE GATED ESTATES. These are an emerging opportunity in residential and are specially favoured by the younger professionals and middle class families who value a sense of security, convenience, and community. The diaspora market is also keen on lifestyle communities as they largely mirror their lifestyle experiences overseas.

Other low hanging opportunities include Neighbourhood retail hubs, noting that Ikoyi, still a largely residential location, lacks a proper shopping centre, with Falomo Shopping Centre still in limbo. Hostel Accommodation for top universities, including the Pan Atlantic University/Lagos Business School and across the country were reviewed. The Federal Secretariat and the multiple abandoned properties in prime Ikoyi and environs was noted as opportunities to be reviewed creatively against the backdrop of the emerging entrepreneurial class of owner occupiers, who have real demand versus the opportunistic investors whose


The keynote speaker, Professor Pat Utomi, session focused on the four growth drivers’ framework; policy choice, institutions, human capital, and entrepreneurship.


A Real Estate Outlook Report for 2017 is also available at Fine and Country to investors and anyone looking to consider an investment.

For further enquiries, please contact victor.nkwocha@fineandcountryng.comor call 08096000042.

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