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The Nigerian British Infrastructure Group organized a webinar titled “The Rules of Engagement: High Rise and Complex Structures in Nigeria.”
Seasoned sector specialists, including Fine and Country CEO Udo Okonjo, provided insight and solutions as rules of engagement for buyers, investors, developers, and the government who are all stakeholders in High Rise and Complex Structures.

5 Notable points raised include the following: 

1. Failing to hire professionals to supervise complex projects compromises the interests of all stakeholders.

2 A project team with qualified key staff with suitable expertise, as well as a track record of delivering similar properties, is critical to the success of a high-rise construction.

3. Health and safety should be a legal necessity in the construction of highrise buildings.

4. A building’s structure is similar to a human skeleton. Compromise is not an option for developers. As a result, developers should only hire competent and capable professionals, while direct labor in the construction of high-rise buildings should be prohibited.
Vertical extensions on a building that has previously been approved for a number of levels should never be permitted.

5. For verification, clients and developers should look at the licenses of professionals in the development of high rise buildings.

Our CEO, Mrs. Udo Okonjo, focused on the purchasers/buyers as clients’ perspectives and what they must look out for as part of risk management and due diligence before investing in any luxury residential or other properties under development.

She noted that before investing in high-rise luxury residences, investors must ask critical questions which she referred to as ‘The 5 W’s of Luxury High Rise Residential Real Estate’.

She noted that we all share a collective responsibility in real estate as stakeholders.
In her quote by Audrey Hepburn, she stated:
“I don’t believe in collective guilt, but I do believe in collective responsibility.”

Some of the key questions include; WHO is the Developer, Financier, Key Contractor, Consultants and are they specialists in high rise buildings? WHAT exactly is being built and does it satisfy building and zoning regulations? WHERE is it being built- Location Location Location means different things in different places and should include environmental impact assessment reports to ensure you understand how your investment will be impacted long term. WHEN will it be completed and does the developer have a track record or delivery of similar projects and are there any guarantees? and finally what is the WOW factor? Rising sky high in itself is not enough of a wow factor if the foundation is wrong and if other key aspects are ignored. There are numerous ways to make a statement in luxury residential projects if creativity is employed.

You can access Fine and Country West Africa’s detailed questionnaire for Luxury Residential New Developments here to help you develop your due diligence before investing in a new build.

If you are interested in expert advisory on the Marketing and Sales of Luxury Residential Developments, please review and fill out this new development form.

Click here to fill out the form

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How to Convert Window Shoppers Into Committed Buyers in Real Estate



Online retail stores allow window shopping such as Jumia and Konga. These sites enable customers to shop for clothes, appliances, electronic gadgets online.

However, people have formed the habit of going to the market and visiting most of these sites without having the intention of buying anything. Certain individuals even take pleasure in pricing down the items. Most often, they come up with an excuse as to why they cannot buy the item.

The case is not different in real estate as individuals who go around house hunting end up not buying the houses they viewed for one reason or another.

Nevertheless, there are ways to ensure that these window shopping individuals end up becoming the committed buyers you want them to be.


Offer Solutions: To convert window shoppers into committed purchasers, learn more about their preferences and analyse them so that you can offer solutions. This creates a sense of competence and trust. The more problems you can solve, the more offers you’ll be able to complete.

Creating Scarcity: create an impression that the property is in high demand. Interested windows shoppers could cease the opportunity to grasp the property while the property is still in the market.

Educate and Empower: potential buyers should be educated about the worths and benefits of real estate or the actual property. You can as well empower your buyers by educating them with resources that will aid their ability to acquire real estate.

Be inquisitive: asking a lot of important questions is a very good way to understand your clients. These questions will enable you to follow up on how your clients are being motivated to patronize you.

Be honest and transparent: honesty and transparency are one of the ways to earn the trust of your clients. Advertising your properties with your clients in unedited content rather than using filters and photoshopped pictures. Posting fake pictures online would not gain the trust of your clients.

Highlighting the benefits of buying: Turning potential clients into prepared, keen, and able clients sometimes revolve around two components: cash and lifestyle. In case a client can afford a house, it is important to first present how buying a property is a greater financial determination to renting a house.

Place a worth: placing a value, empathizing, and anticipating problems are very important factors. You should learn to analyze things from your clients’ point of view to know what they want and what they don’t want.

Finally, if you want to sell a property to a new client, the apartment must be neat and void of dirtiness. There’s nothing worse than walking into a property only to find piles of furniture clogging up the place. Ensuring the place is clean before bringing in your potential buyer is an excellent way to arouse their interest.

Also, ensure all major and minor defects in the house are treated effectively as these can serve as a roadblock stopping your clients from purchasing the house. You can also make sure the apartment is air freshened and scent nice with flowers at a designated area of the apartment if the apartment is already furnished. Some clients are attracted to flowers, and this can be a huge draw for them.

Remove any unwanted plants from the environment. You can get rid of the weeds in the garden and plant fresh flowers or trees. It’s nice to walk into an apartment or a setting that feels warm and inviting.

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How to Buy Land: A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide


You’ve taken the major step and decided to be a landowner!

You’ll find a comprehensive guide on steps to take when buying land in Nigeria in this document.  

There is a difference between buying a house and buying land.

Consideration must be given to many things before buying land: location, budget, access to utilities and towns nearby, acreage, and zoning, to name a few. 

Consider the purpose for which you intend to purchase land. Do you intend to build on it and live there? Sell it after you build it? Let it sit and sell it later?

Consider the location of your building when building, and ensure it’s close to places like school, work, and fuel stations. A hospital’s accessibility has to be considered, too.

Ensure you tell your real estate agent exactly what you’re looking for when in consultation with them. Specialized investors in land can often assist in finding your dream plot. Contact us for prime plots of land 

Doing your own research before purchasing land is a smart idea because some information may be assumed to have been disclosed prior to the purchase. A piece of land may be zoned as follows:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Rural
  • Historical
  • Aesthetic
  • Environmental

The zoning designation could mean that you’re not allowed to build on the land at all, so you must find this information out as soon as you’re considering a plot of land.

Consult your local zoning ordinances to find out how the zoning of the property might affect your use of it.

Comprehensive guide; 


Would you be interested in a certain size of land? Where would you like it located? Be sure to tell your Realtor what you want. Make it clear that you do not want land subject to government acquisition.


Decide on your budget as well. Land prices vary depending on the location. Similar plot sizes in Victoria Island will cost differently in Banana Island. It is important to determine how much you are willing to spend on land before working with a realtor.


It is best to do a physical assessment of the land when you or your agent find a plot of land that appears to meet all your needs.


As soon as you find a piece of land that meets your requirements, you immediately need to search the relevant land registry. To ascertain whether the vendor owns the land rightfully, whether the title is genuine, and whether the property is not disputed or subject to government acquisition, it is essential to conduct this search. The process of conducting research usually begins with submitting an application letter to the suitable land registry, along with an affidavit verifying the status of the applicant and the purpose of the research.


Once you are certain that the title of the vendor is authentic, you may now execute the Deed of Conveyance. The Deed of Conveyance becomes effective when both parties (buyer and seller) have signed it and payment has been made.


You must now obtain certified true and accurate copies of the vendor’s title documents and survey plan. These two documents must be provided when you apply for the Governors consent.

There must be proof of the land plot’s identity, thus a verified copy of the survey plan that has been approved by the town planning authority is necessary. The survey plan identifies the boundaries of the property and shows the coordinates of the land also.


Prior to applying for governor’s consent in Lagos State, you must obtain charting, endorsement, and Form 1C. The fee is payable at designated banks. You will be issued a  receipt at the registry. 



By virtue of the Land Use Act, all land in each state in the Federation is vested in the Governor of that state whose prior consent is mandatory for the legal validity of any transfers or alienation of an interest in landed property.

Documents required to obtain Governor’s consent include:

  1.  Covering letter
  2.  Completed Form 1C
  3.  CTC of title documents of the assignor (vendor)
  4.  A copy of your current tax clearance certificates and that of the assignor
  5.  Four copies of the deed of which consent is sought
  6.  Copy of the approved survey plan
  7.  Evidence of payment of the charting fee, endorsement fee and Form 1C
  8.  Evidence of payment of land use charge
  9. A photograph of the property
  10.  The applicant’s identification and/or that of his agent


An application is filed with the Directorate of Land Services.

The time for buying a piece of land is here! The next steps include following Fine and Country West Africa on all social platforms, visiting our website and calling us now for a consultation and available plots. We look forward to engaging with you further. 


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Fine and Country presents REAL ESTATE MARKETING AND SALES MASTERY: “SELL LIKE A CHAMPION,” a program that will help you approach the real estate market with confidence by providing you with exclusive insights from seasoned industry professionals.

This course will help you develop skills to creatively identify your real estate market niche and target market with clarity and confidence.

You will gain a practical understanding of the highest impact strategies for selling residential and commercial real estate in the current local and global economy while learning the secrets to positioning yourself and your projects to attract high-value clients.

Programme Curriculum and Key Learning Outcomes

You will learn HOW to:

  • MARKET NICHE: Creatively identify your real estate market niche and target market with clarity and confidence.
  • IDEAL CUSTOMER: Intelligently connect with and nurture your ideal customer.
  • PROFITABILITY AND BRANDING: Create a Profitable Branding strategy that future proofs your sales.
  • EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: Communication creates desire, connects with high-value clients and converts them to long term customers.
  • LEGAL ASPECTS OF SELLING LIKE A CHAMPION: Critical Legal Presentations that enhance real estate marketing and creates faster sales transactions.
  • NEGOTIATIONS AND CLOSING: Network, Negotiate and Close like a true Champion. Leave others in the dark as to why you are closing consistently and frequently higher ticket sales. Understand the secret to attract and retaining high-value long term clients.
  • BONUS: GLOBAL AND DIASPORA MARKETING: Understand the highest impact strategies for selling residential and commercial real estate in the current local and global economy.
  • Target Audience: This is ideal for professionals and organisations who are looking for effective and measurable, result-oriented marketing and sales performance and who understand that Marketing and Sales are the lifeblood of any successful real estate project.

The programme is designed to benefit the following:

    • Real Estate Marketing and Sales Professionals.
    • Property Developers
    • Real Estate Agents/Professionals
    • Real Estate Finance Companies
    • Marketing heads of Real Estate Development Companies
    • Real Estate Investors/Entrepreneurs wanting to expand their income streams.


FACULTY: Fine and Country Real Estate Academy Local and Global Experts.


DATE: NOVEMBER 2-4, 2021



Contact: 08096000027 for groups over 10.

Register Now



Top 5 Tips For Home Office Design


There’s more to designing a luxury home office remodel than just choosing a sturdy desk and comfortable chair. For such a transformation, be sure to maximize space, create a welcoming environment, use hidden storage, and add uplifting lighting. The home office should be an oasis where you are able to focus and brainstorm, whether you are using it full-time for work or just for leisure.

Here are some tips for luxury home office design elements that you’ll love, whether you’re building a new office or updating your workspace.

black floor lamp on living room sofa

Specialized Space

When designing a home office, the gift of space is the most valuable resource you can offer yourself. You need a room that does not clutter up and that is spacious enough to accommodate an extended desk that is personalized to your interests.

Having a conference table and chairs in the office is necessary if you frequently collaborate. The need for comfortable chairs in your office space cannot be overemphasized. If you are able to add a fireplace to your luxury redesign, do so.


Luxury Accents

Are you required to screen projects, have video conferencing sessions with colleagues or review projects in real-time? If this applies, you might think about installing a large, flat-panel television there. Have you started planning your next book, script, or other projects? It may be necessary to have a wall of cupboards dedicated to planning. Gorgeous rugs can enhance the visual value of a room as well as reflect the colour scheme of the room, which ties the elements of design together. Furthermore, wet bars and wine refrigerators are luxury features that are almost irresistible and perfect for relaxing after a long, productive day.



Enjoyable seating arrangement

For anyone planning to spend a significant amount of time working, ergonomic chairs that are adjustable (or even custom-made) to your height and comfort are essential. Footrests can relieve hip strain when the chair is too high off the ground, and hand and forearm positions are critical for preventing repetitive motion injuries. The right luxury home office chair is only one component of your home office. Here, you can reflect, think, and be creative. Indulgent seating features in luxury designs. Scroll-arm couches are perfect for reading or conversing. Stylish rounded-back sofas in bright fabrics offer luxurious comfort. This is a worthwhile investment. Home offices with more masculine decor often feature deep leather couches. What kind of window do you have in your home office? If you’re planning on relaxing, reading and having additional storage built, consider a custom window seat.


Adaptive Storage

You should not skip serious discussions regarding storage when designing your home office. Is a large library necessary? Is it important that you can still access your office equipment while hiding it? Do you want a place to showcase your travelling finds and awards? The time has come for you to create something that not only meets your current needs, but that can also grow with you in the future


Inventive lighting

Any luxury home office design should have lighting that goes beyond the usual desk lamp. You will be able to achieve the most effective lighting by combining softer ambient lighting with task lighting (often found on the desk). Is your home office normally classic or do you want to add some whimsy to it? Contrasts aren’t an impediment. Larger furnishings, such as leather sofas, as well as clean, minimalist pieces, work surprisingly well with smaller crystal chandeliers.

Considering lighting also entails taking into account the amount of natural light that enters the room. If your office is decorated in a colour scheme that includes blues, greens, and purples,

Taking lighting into consideration also means factoring in the amount of natural light that gets into the room. If your office is draped in a colour scheme of your choosing, it will look polished, and it will also allow you to control how much light enters throughout the day.

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Factors To Consider Before Investing In The Real Estate Market


Have you ever considered that instead of spending your money on frivolous things, you could invest it in real estate? The real estate market will always be a lucrative investment. There are some factors to consider before investing in the real estate market. If done correctly, it is well worth the investment.

aerial view photography of high rise building

Things to look out for before diving into real estate

When is the right time to invest?

When it comes to real estate market, you need to be aware of the best moment to invest. There isn’t always the proper time. You don’t want to put your money into something that will provide you a lower return. Similarly, you wouldn’t want to put money into a house that won’t appreciate in value.


Is the location appropriate?

It’s not just essential to know the right time to invest in real estate, it is paramount to consider the property’s location. The location of a property will impact its level of appraisal and development in the future. A house or property in an upscale neighbourhood is more likely to appreciate in value and have a higher rate of return on investment.

white-and-red houses

Know the trends

Learn about the real estate market in the industry of your choice. This will keep you up to date on the price of properties in the area, as well as the demand for buildings and structures in the area and the rate at which properties are purchased. Knowing the interest rate or profit margin on the properties in this area and understanding of the occupancy rates and future development of properties or buildings in the area will allow you to make more informed decisions.

Know the depreciation value

Before investing in a structure, you must figure out how much it will depreciate. Buildings and structures, unlike land, lose value over time. To avoid losing money, you can estimate the value of the building and depreciation before investing.

Expected cash flow

The real estate market does not only entail purchasing properties or buildings; you can also rent them out and be paid annually or monthly. You could let your landed investment appreciate and sell it when the profit rates are very high. Although it is impossible to predict when a profit or loss will occur, this is why real estate investments are considered risky. Real estate investment entails a number of financial and emotional risks. Not all investments are good investments. Patience and sound advisory on the real estate market is key.


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Are you looking to expand your investment portfolio by purchasing a residential rental property? If you make the right choice, investing in real estate can be both thrilling and lucrative. Aside from the income and perks, investing in real estate might be worrisome for a new investor in this market.

Investors need to perform extensive studies about the property market before diving in to know all the benefits and drawbacks of real estate investing. When looking for a property with profitable rental value, these factors should be considered.

Choice of Location & Vacancy Rate

The vicinity in which you choose to invest will impact the type of renters you attract. In an exclusive neighbourhood, high net worth individuals are likely to represent the majority of your potential tenants.

Investigate the vacancy rate and property listing in the neighbourhood. Knowing the type of development in demand could inform your decision while paying attention to the rate of occupancy in the neighbourhood. The low vacancy could indicate a high take up of space or a seasonal cycle. Also, the high vacancy could indicate an overpriced neighbourhood or a decline in the neighbourhood.


Developments in the Future & Average Rental Value

Find out information about proposed and existing developments in that neighbourhood. Keep an eye out for new construction that may depreciate the value of nearby properties. Look out for competitive development that could potentially put a strain on your property. It’s probably an excellent growing area if there’s a lot of construction going on.

Explore the rental values in the prospective property location for different property types. Estimate the rental value of the neighbourhood in the years to come to know the yield potential of the property. This would help you make an informed decision before you chose to invest in a property.

Safe And Secure Environment

When it comes to rental property investments, safety is crucial. No renter can intentionally choose to reside in an unsafe community. One of the characteristics of a lucrative rental property is its location. It should be in a highly safe and exclusive area. As a result, while buying a home, consider an area with suitable security.


Availability of social amenities

In places with social amenities, rental property investment flourishes. Prospective tenants would look out for nearby amenities and services that are beneficial to their livelihood. Shopping malls, gyms, medical institutions, gas stations and restaurants are such examples. Access to water, electricity and an excellent connection to network providers are among these amenities. If your tenants have easy access to these amenities, they will be more willing to rent your property.


Ease of Access

Places with appropriate transportation and transport systems will succeed in the rental real estate market. They are more attractive to prospective tenants. Nearness to commute between home, work and other institutions such as a school with a good reputation makes easy living appealing. This factor makes the property exclusive with a great potential for high yield.


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Rent hacking in Lagos


With Lagos, being the most populated city in Nigeria and the city with the largest economy in West Africa, demand for homes continues to rise with increasing rental values. It’s no surprise that people who live and work in Lagos are constantly complaining about the search for a home being stressful and the quality of the homes they find not compatible with their budget.

Fixed supply of homes leads to increasing cost of rent in Lagos and it is becoming out of reach for many. New ways to own homes are emerging to suit different budgets and needs. Rent hacking is a practice that involves renting out parts of your house, sublease or short-let your rented home, maybe a room or two (depending on the type of house) for an income that is used to cover your a part of your rent and a host of other household expenses. Imagine earning some income from a property you are renting. This brings us to WHY people practice this.

  • It helps save money
  • Transport and housing expenses are cut down considerably
  • Budget gets freed up to accommodate new investment options and taking up new projects
  • Rent hacking allows you to learn how to be a landlord in real time
  • You get an insight into real estate investment

Most real estate investors get their start by house hacking. These practices have been in existence for a long time. It continued to grow and expand rapidly to Africa but the fastest growth has been recorded in Nigeria in some states like Lagos and Abuja.

To truly hack renting in Lagos, you need to find properties in prime areas, located close to the offices of your target market. Ensure the property meets their standards, flexible for change and convenient. Renters in Lagos basically want a place that does not

  • require them to sleep in traffic,
  • take a lot of their transport budget
  • take a chunk of their rent allocation

Rather they’ll opt for properties with convenience and close proximity to workplace and their daily routine.

How to hack rent in Lagos

The first thing to consider before contemplating rent hacking in Lagos is your strategy, as there are different ways to hack rent;

Airbnb: Airbnb generally is an online marketplace that links people who want to rent out their homes with people who are looking for accommodations in the same geographical location. Airbnb is mostly searched for on social networks in Nigeria, most especially Instagram. As a comparison, one of Airbnb’s advantages in Lagos is its reasonable cost.

Photo of Living Room

Get a roommate: Getting a roommate is one of the easiest rent hacks in Lagos. All you need to do is get a roommate and split the rent bill.

Renting space: involves leasing out an empty space in your home. It could be the garage, the boys’ quarters, or a room.

blue bed linen near white wooden framed glass window

The second thing to look out for is making it as professional and legal as possible. The agreement should be documented using a lease agreement and contracts for your tenant or roommate with fair house cost if you are renting out space.

There should also be proper procedures and documentation which clearly state the duration and agreement.


By doing this, you would have successfully hacked renting in Lagos and truly be on your way to living for free – or close to it.

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Relocating To A New Neighbourhood? Factors to consider before making a deliberate effort to change your location.

The news of moving to a new home or environment is indeed accompanied by a rollercoaster of emotion and certainly does have their fears and excitements. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you’ll get this feeling.

Moving from a familiar demographic to another comes with so many security and safety questions especially in a country with so many insecurities and insurgencies. That’s why many Nigerians choose their demographics based on Security and of course cost. No doubt at all, the cost of living is a key factor in this life-changing decision because;

You need to cut your coat according to your coat“.

Find out some of the factors to consider before making a deliberate effort to change your location. And, to be safe, we’ve created a checklist.

Top-view Photography of City


Many homebuyers are more concerned about the external features and characteristics of the house they want to purchase rather than the internal features and location. Often, they end up making unpleasant decisions. We’ve created a location checklist to help you save your time and your money;

    • Does the value of a house or property appreciate in this area or location? The value of a house in an urban area appreciates more than in any other settlement.
    • What is the jurisdiction of the town?
    • The distance between your workplace and your new house.
    • The distance between your new house and your kid’s school as a family person

Level of Safety and Security

No emphasis can be placed on the advantages of moving to a more secure environment or neighborhood. The charm and culture of the neighborhood or city may be appealing but your safety and that of your family should always be a priority. In Fine and Country West Africa, your safety and that of your family are paramount to us. Therefore, the homes we offer are in safe and secure communities with a lot of advantages such as; the availability of security units to regulate existing rules and regulations to ensure the safety of lives and properties against any criminal activities such as theft and robbery and the availability of 24hrs CCTV surveillance system. And, it is very important to look into the city’s overall safety ratings and crime rates before relocating.

 vehicles on roadway during daytime

The Cost Of Living

Do you want to purchase or rent?

Compare rental pricing to your existing housing situation. Find out if the homes in your price range are both affordable and desirable in comparison to where you are coming from. This has always been a core factor and determinant. You should consider the cost of living if it fits your budget. Big cities and exclusive neighborhoods on average, may be more exuberant than towns. Determine whether the cost of living in your new city will be within your budget.

aerial view of city buildings during daytime


The landmarks in your next intended home are a big plus to your comfortability. A landmark status has a way of giving a building or property in the specific demographic prestige. It also influences and positively affects the value of the property and location. Certain landmarks you should look out for; emergency services, recreational centers, public places, and so on.





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Buying VS Renting : Move to What Moves You

Owning a home is seen as a standing symbol all around the world. In keeping with Gord Collins during a Rental article from 2021, “we’ve all had the worth instilled in us that owning a property could be a smart wealth creation strategy”. Can buying a house really help build wealth? Does renting allow you to be truly free? When deciding whether to buy or rent a house, there are several factors to think about.

  • How stable your employment is
  • Will there be a desire to migrate very soon?
  • How high will the costs of houses/rentals increase in years to come?
  • Freedom to do what you want in the home
  • How much are the hidden costs of owning your home?

After considering these factors, one point to take into account is that it is totally up to you to decide which option is best for you. Both options have their advantages and we will be sharing some below.



Being able to own a house is wonderful because the value of your property is set to improve in value over time. If you opt to sell, you will be even wealthier because as the owner of a property, you have the choice of renting it and generating a passive income stream. Smart purchasers view this as an investment opportunity.

Purchasing a home is an effective long-term solution for somebody in a stable career, who can withstand recessions, and who rents out a little of their home to form consistent monthly earnings. Buying a property and renting out an apartment allows you to appreciate your financial goal.

Some benefits of purchasing a home are highlighted below;

* Helps build up long-term wealth

* Makes rental investment possible for income

* Provides a stronger sense of security and stability

* More control of your expenses

* Helps build equity




If you are open to the idea of renting a home, it’s an excellent choice. Renting homes will give you more flexibility and will free you of any worries.

Highlighted, renting a home ensures

* No down-payment stress

* Less worry about mortgage commitments

* Low maintenance costs for the house and property

* No need to fret about buying a money pit

* Freedom to travel and move as you please

* No danger of a housing market crash

* Unemployment making you lose your investment

* Fixed rent amounts

* quick access to amenities

* Increased flexibility on where you reside

It’s essential to think carefully about your goals, not only regarding your house, but your entire financial situation as well. In terms of control and security, owning your home can be very satisfying, while renting allows you more flexibility and a lower maintenance lifestyle.

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Panic Buying homes? Certainly not in the Nigerian market

Several parts of the economy experienced sudden volatility as a result of the pandemic. The real estate market is no exemption from last year. People are panic buying houses because of the global price increase in properties, according to a CNN article, but the situation is unique on the Nigerian real estate market. People realized and prioritized their privacy, protection, health, and security as a result of the #ENDSARS protest and the pandemic’s effects.

Are people panic buying homes in Nigeria?  Certainly not in the Nigerian market. Rather, people are taking advantage of the slight decline in property prices during the pandemic to invest in real estate. Because of the high interest rate, inflation, rising exchange rate, and shortage of forex in the country, the cost of construction materials has risen dramatically since then. In the Nigerian market, property prices are expected to rise.

Despite the uncertainty, the real estate market remains optimistic, especially in the luxury market segments, where prices are steadily rising. The demand for more secure and private homes is gradually growing. Expatriates who left the shores during the pandemic are returning and business activities are showing positive signals.

It is certainly not a panic buy as home buyers and investors are seeking the best deals in the real estate market. The real estate market is showing more improvement since the economy and activities are beginning to adjust.




Are you looking for an insightful choice of real estate to invest and secure your capital? Visit our website


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One could ask, do I need a realtor? Many homebuyers ask this question.

Purchasing real estate assets is a long term investment. Buying an asset is a lifetime commitment that involves risks. Find out why it is important to have a reliable real estate expert at your disposal when going into a real estate transaction.


Market Knowledge

A realtor has in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market. In every location, town or city, always remember that the real estate agent knows the vicinity better. They are your tour guide in this market and will guide you in the right direction.


Superior Negotiating Skills

Your real estate agent knows the best possible price to purchase a home. They are well trained and mentally prepared for any negotiation hurdle. With their experience, they can save you money on a purchase of a mouth-watering property.


Fiduciary Duty

A realtor’s first responsibility is to you – the client. A real estate agent is legally obligated to the client. Your interest is a realtor’s top priority. You can trust a realtor.



A realtor can make life easier for you by saving you energy and time. A real estate agent will do the work for you to find properties that fit your standard.


Realtors are emotional Filter

A real estate agent is not emotionally attached to the property you wants to purchase. Buyers often get emotionally attached to a property that ticks their checklists box of requirement. Hiring a realtor would prevent you from making hasty decisions to purchase a home.


Investment Potential

The realtor standpoint is to see the potential investment opportunity in the home and give advice to prospective buyers.

On the plus side, you get a professional service from the real estate agent for free but the realtor earns his commission from providing the owner with a buyer.




Are you interested in buying a home? Our top choice properties in the upscale neighbourhood of Ikoyi, Lekki and Victoria Island are poised with great investment potentials. Find out why Victoria Island is a valuable choice

In the words of Theodore Roosevelt, “Every person who invests in well-selected real estate in a growing section of a prosperous community adopts the surest and safest method of becoming independent, for real estate is the basis of wealth.”






Are you house hunting for a luxury apartment in a high rise building?

Here are the top 5 reasons apartments on high floors usually attract a premium in pricing:


One of the most attractive features of an apartment on higher floors is the natural light. It is more noticeable because there are fewer or no shadows from nearby buildings that could obstruct the ray of light. Natural lighting is a key element of luxury living that compliments and enhances the quality of the apartment.


Apartments on higher floors are quieter. Having your home on a high floor reduces noise from the ground, traffic, backup generators or passersby that could interfere with the peace you require in your sanctuary. Homes farther from the ground are more peaceful and calm which is ideal to unwind and relax. This trait makes apartments on higher floors more desirable.


Living in an apartment on a high floor welcomes exclusivity. Apartments on top levels are not prone to foot traffic. Few people have access to these floors like your neighbour compared to lower level apartments. Living on a top floor provides a more private lifestyle.


Apartments on the top floor tend to offer the best views which are desirable and improve the value of the property.


It is said that the higher you go, the cooler you become. This is true of living in tall buildings. You can enjoy the natural breeze and elements if you choose to live occasionally without air conditioning.


In the end, you are not just buying a property, you are investing in a lifestyle.

In the end, you are not just buying a property, you are investing in a lifestyle. Finally, we love this quote from Jim Rohn, An American Author, Billionaire Entrepreneur, Author and Motivational Speaker which captures our sentiments - “If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree.” If you need to make a move, we are happy to show you luxury apartments at The Belmonte Ikoyi, with some of the most extraordinary views of Ikoyi, Eko Atlantic, Victoria Island and Lagos.


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Here are 5 reasons why The Residence on Banana Island node, Ikoyi would be a great fit.


Owning an apartment in the Residence introduces you to an Upmarket and Serene lifestyle. The serenity of the upmarket Ikoyi and Banana Island neighbourhood are yours to experience and enjoy.


Great neighbourhoods come with great neighbours but this is so at the residence Banana Island where the owners and residents are carefully pre-qualified. You get to create great connections and lasting relationships with captains of industries.


The Amenities: The Residence incorporates up to date amenities to make your living comfortable and convenient. Not having to deal with your own amenities reduces stress and promotes your well being, including reducing cost. The charming well built property includes a swimming pool and fully equipped gym. Residents at The Residence enjoy 24 hours security and power supply. It also features a water treatment plant to maintain standards and high-quality water supply. It also offers dedicated parking.


The solid build and construction quality of this property makes it stand out in the market.


The Residence with sizes ranging from 460m2 up to 550m2, hands down leads all the luxury apartments around and within Banana Island offering the largest 4 bedrooms by total gross, net and useable spaces. This makes it an excellent investment for families looking for great value for money along with plenty of room for growth especially in a world where having a comfortable home is a none negotiable priority.


Luxury 4 bedroom apartment in Ikoyi along banana island

luxury apartments in ikoyi, banana island and victoria island Lagos. Ocean Parade, Trenchard Place and Eden Heights


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Continued from the last edition

Buying a property that is non-existent is not for the faint-hearted. The idea of parting with hard-earned money when brick is yet to be laid is difficult to chew; therefore there is need for a substantial amount of bravery and trust to be in place. Before making a decision about whether or not to buy off plan, it is important to consider some of its benefits and pitfalls:-

• Lower Purchase Price
Buying off plan allows buyers invest into a development very early and secure it at a much lower price than usual. There is an advantage to paying upfront for a property that is still being built rather than paying when it is fully constructed as the savings could be quite substantial. Sometimes, some developers need to sell many units ‘off the plan’ before they can begin/ continue construction. Without the initial financial investments of subscribers buying ‘off the plan’, the developer may not be able to complete the project. Hence, developers are able to offer attractive prices and discounts to those who invest early in the development.

• Returns on Investment (ROI)
Buying off plan developments can provide buyers/ investors with large amounts of capital on their initial capital outlay over a relatively short period leading to accelerated wealth growth and capital gains which in turn means good returns on investment (ROI) as the market value of properties appreciates after a period of time. Some buyers can also opt to sell a property before it is completely built for a tidy profit, but in most cases require the permission of the developer to do so.
ART 82

• Ease of Payment
Although unique to each country, developers require payments in installments from their buyers throughout the period of construction. Typically, a certain percentage mostly between 5-20 percent is required as an initial deposit and/or reservation fee, followed by other split deposits to be paid up until completion. This is favorable to buyers since they do not have to pay the entire purchase price of the property in a one-off payment.

• Preferred Choice
Off-plan buyers who subscribe at the early stages of construction usually benefit from selecting the best available units on the development. Depending on the developer (as some might not be so accommodating), they might also have the opportunity to make certain modifications to their selected units like having customized fittings, restructuring or redesigning of the floor plans, personalized finishing of units, etc bearing in mind that additional cost which might accrue would be borne by them.

• Side Attractions
It is important to note that for off-plan properties to be attractive, the fundamentals must be high and favourable. Invariably, large developers are professional enough to construct in current or up-and-coming hotspots ensuring optimum potential for high returns on your investment. They often times have already researched proximity to infrastructures including modern amenities such as schools, medical services, recreational facilities, public transport and places of interest or natural beauty. Buying an off-plan property situated close to modern infrastructure will in the long run increase capital gains

• Availability of favourable mortgage facilities
Some developers will offer pre-arranged mortgages as part of the off-plan deal. No one is obliged to take this mortgage, although it may save the buyer who decides to take a mortgage some arrangement costs and hassle.

• Tax and Other Incentives
Purchasing a property off plan comes with a number of financial incentives. Buyers of new developments are given certain tax breaks that they wouldn’t receive from buying an old or existing structure. Furthermore, since age plays a factor in insurance matters, buildings bought ‘off the plan’ will save you a large amount of money on home insurance and other costs. Despite the fact that there are no real property taxes in Nigeria, home insurance is available thus investors in Nigerian property may save on home insurance costs if they buy off-plan properties. Developers on some occasions offer special incentives to entice customers to purchase their products off-plan. For instance, buying a property worth a stipulated amount can come along with a luxury car, an all expense paid trip to choice locations etc.

Fine and Country enjoys guiding her clients along their off plan investment journey. Fine and Country is pleased to introduce the Adler residences, an off plan project and opportunity currently up for grabs! Adler Residences is a high-end luxury family – friendly living opportunity with proximity to everything required for an exclusive experience within the La Vida right at the heart of Lekki phase 1, by the end of Admiralty Way, off Freedom way.

Significantly improve your lifestyle with easy access to all key business and leisure districts – Ikoyi, Victoria Island and Lekki.  From choice of Malls to the beautifully styled floor plan and refined ambience, Adler Residences deftly sets the scene for the experience that awaits you. Adler residences pairs modern architecture with innovative landscaping to create a refreshing lifestyle that changes with the seasons. A flexible payment plan of 25% initial deposit and balance spread over 18 months is also available.

(To be continued in next edition)

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What is an Off-Plan development?
In recent times we have been inundated with newspaper adverts, bill-boards, sponsored ads across social media, radio jingles talking about off-plan sales of developments both locally and internationally and the benefits of investing in off-plan developments. So what exactly is an off-plan development?

An off-plan development is a development that is being sold before it has been fully constructed or completed. Most times, all there is to the development are its renderings, pre-construction developments documents, and property plans which have been generated by the architect. A visually appealing story is then created around the development along with its offerings and facilities and then marketed to property investors, property speculators and buyers by the real estate developers and/or marketing firms. Early adopters who purchase properties in this way do so with the hope of making substantial capital gains. This is possible because most developers offer off plan properties at special discounts.
The demand for off-plan properties from developers continues to remain strong due to the fact that one can purchase a property at the current market price and enjoy capital appreciation in a strong market when the development is completed or after a few years. People are becoming increasingly aware of the gains of property investments and are taking a dive towards it especially with the “off-plan” concept. There is also an added value of having flexible payment options in the course of construction period. With so many new developments on offer now and in the years to come, this question pops up, “is purchasing an off-plan property a good idea?”

Buying off-plan in a market where prices are depreciating can put your investment at a greater risk. However, buying a property off-plan and getting it right can be extremely rewarding. The idea of parting with hard-earned money when construction is yet to begin is quite difficult to convey to prospective investors therefore there is need for a substantial amount of bravery and trust to be in place. Before buying off-plan, there are several processes that should be observed.

Engage in thorough research

It is important as with any property purchase to find out the most essential information before making the decision to buy for instance, who is the developer? What is his reputation? Where is the location? Is it secure? Is it close to basic amenities? What is the rental value for such a development in that area? What are local property prices in the market? Get an information pack/ brochure of the property; get all the relevant off-plan details and go for an inspection if possible or take a good look at the models. Ask all the questions, as you do not want to be left in a vulnerable position in the nearest future.

Engage the services of a professional real estate firm

When acquiring properties especially in off-plan developments, be sure to engage the services of a professional real estate firm. This would help minimize the risk of bad investment as they would help you in making the best decisions.

Ask questions

Ask relevant questions to determine what is covered as part of the purchase price, for example, what fittings, floor coverings, painting and decorating is part of the package and what is additional.

Obtain guarantees of the developer’s financial status written into the contract if possible, to avoid encountering financial complications with the developer

Ask to see the developer’s balance sheet to determine their financial strength as there is the risk that if the developer goes into liquidation before the property is finished you may lose your deposit and other costs.

• Make certain to arrange the appropriate finance for the property purchase well in advance.

• Discuss your expectations for the property with your developer and have them written into the contract to avoid disagreement with the developer at the completion of the project.

• It is important for the buyer to arrange for a surveyor’s valuation of the property. The financial company lending the buyer will require the surveyor’s report after an offer has been made.

• The earlier you get access to the property for sale, the greater your chances of securing the bests units on offer. Make a reservation for your chosen property and pay the reservation price (if necessary) having discussed with the developer the available options, pricing, contract agreement etc. You may also be given the option of re-modifying your house, make changes to finishes and fixtures etc. since it is off-plan.

• Next step is to exchange legal contracts. Carefully review the contract with a legal professional and take note of the completion date and penalties that would be obtainable if the developer exceeds the completion date and if you withdraw from the contract. This is very critical especially in this part of the world where there are no policies protecting investors. In Dubai for example, plans are being made to release the Dubai Investor Protection law which allows a full refund of paid amount to investors if the developer fails to complete or handover a property within a certain timeframe from date specified in the sales contract, deliberately defrauds an investor or alters the specifications of the unit without obtaining requisite permission. Laws like this protect the investors and ensure that both parties (developer and investor) benefit mutually from the development.

• Pay the initial deposit (make sure that a legal professional or real estate advisor is present for guidance and to minimize your risks). Other payments follow subsequently as agreed in the contract.

• Conduct a survey (also called snagging) some weeks before final completion. Check the property for defects just to be sure everything is working as planned.

• Final stage is completion and handover of unit to buyer by developer.
(To be continued in next blog post)

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Commercial Properties; The devil is in the detail

The Commercial real estate space is quite dynamic and requires expertise of the processes involved, as it is clearly more complex than leasing a residential apartment. However, too many corporate tenants take it for granted and end up making huge mistakes as a result of not following and understanding due process. To help minimize potential risks and other costly errors associated with this, we have compiled a list of some of top 5 mistakes corporate tenants make when leasing commercial real estate.

1. Beginning the negotiation of a renewal or new lease too late.

Delayed negotiation of a renewal or new lease is one of the biggest mistakes we see corporates tenant make. In simplest terms, if you wait until your when your lease expires before you start speaking to your landlord about renewing your lease or before you start looking for a new space, you may have a hard time finding exactly what you need especially in a competitive market.

2. Competence and Expertise.

Many corporate tenants go into lease agreement process without properly having adequate and required knowledge and as such, they have made lots of mistakes that have impacted their business negatively. Lack of knowledge combined with time pressure usually causes corporate tenants to make wrong location decisions without being aware of all the choices. This will sometime result in errors that cut into their profits and/or increase financial exposure. To guide yourself, consider getting the services of a commercial real estate advisor to walk you through the process and confirm that a space will meet your current and future needs.

3. Commercial Lease Clauses- the devil in the detail

There is usually a lot of documentation as well as clauses in a commercial lease contract that are mostly in favour of the landlord. It’s therefore important to understand what those clauses mean and how they can they positively or negatively impact your business. Most times your real estate advisor/legal team can help you understand these and negotiate clauses that will be more in your favour.

4. Focus On Strategy, Not the Transaction

Whenever there’s a need for a company to move to a new development or to renew their lease, in the excitement of ensuring the transaction goes on smoothly, corporate strategy is often neglected. All negotiations tend to focus only on the major financial terms of the lease agreement and as a result, the impact of the transaction on the portfolio strategy is easily forgotten, important terms like rent review, expansion and contraction rights seem to have low priority in the leasing process.

5. Do not underestimate the time the process will require

The inability of corporate tenants to understand the time process required often results in companies having to stay longer in their existing premises and may negotiate a soft lease renewal with the landlord. A successful relocation transaction time process should include time for a site analysis and property selection, negotiation, executive approval, legal documentation, fit-out, relocation, etc. All these processes need to be completed within the remaining period of the lease and if not the landlord will demand compensation as entitled as per the terms of lease.


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social 22
LinkedIn is a great social media application that connects professionals around the world. Real Estate professionals are therefore able to connect and acquire the services of one another through this tool. These could include Real Estate professionals, Real Estate Marketers, Developers, Architects and other active players.

• YouTube
YouTube is a video-sharing website that Real Estate professionals can use to showcase their properties online through the use of 3D videoettes which gives a clear view of the properties and can reach potential buyers in different parts of the world. It has the added merit of providing the client with a first-hand virtual feel of the property.

Zoom is an app that provides video-telephony and online chat services through a cloud-based peer-to-peer software platform and is used for teleconferencing, telecommuting, distance education, and social relations. This app has become the go-to for most corporate organizations, as a result of the covid-19 pandemic and its effects on normal physical gatherings prior to the pandemic. Real estate professionals can now hold meetings on zoom with their respective clients.

• Instagram

Instagram is a photo and video sharing social networking service app that allows users to upload media that can be edited with filters and organized by hashtags and geographical tagging. Posts can be shared publicly or with pre-approved followers. Users can browse other users’ content by tags and locations and view trending content. Users can like photos and follow other users to add their content to a feed. This is an extremely effective marketing tool for real estate professionals today as luxury properties can be showcased on Instagram.

A real estate blog offers great opportunity to continuously post information rich in content about expertise, specialty and professional work. Entertaining, educative, exciting and useful information will attract an audience with similar interests.
social 23
The social media is a powerful marketing tool and a good source of making and retaining clients and building relationships. In the last seven years many real estate companies engaged in developing and selling houses, service apartments, service plots, corporate office space etc. have taken advantage of the social media to market their products, share listings, tours and showings, lend expert advice, rebrand their products or even test the acceptability of their products in the market. Several payment plans and value added services have been circulated via social media networks by many Nigerian companies to increase their market share, stimulate customer interest in their products as well as develop new products tailored for each segment they choose to service. Above all, transactions have been closed by real estate professionals with clients locally and internationally as a result of the effective and efficient use of social media.

The core goal of real estate pros utilizing social media is to attract sellers looking to list their homes or buyers looking to purchase homes. Naturally, the use of social media for real estate is for setting up pages on social networks that fit your company’s content and audience.

While an occasional listing may be appreciated by your social media community, many experts advocate engaging your audience with industry knowledge and an expert perspective, rather than alienating users with irrelevant information. There are so many factors that must align to make a listing pertinent to a single customer, such as pricing, location and size. As a result of this, there is a high probability that most listings might not pertain to most people in a given social media audience.

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